The act of uncovering hidden spaces, retrieving, locating, discovering the unrealized, the lost and the cast away.

When does revealing become revelation? When is it exposure and dissolution?

How can we make more space by occupying it?

Space embodies meaning as we place ourselves in it. What is hidden or lost can be the manifestation of securing safety and protection, but it can also be a gesture associated with shame, denial and secrecy. Locating space sheds light on unused room that can be explored and grown into. But discovering space means illuminating it and confronting the memory of lost time-the history of unintended emptinesses and deliberate place markers.

This series of work is a meditation, not on located absences but on the perception and potential of opportunity within space.

Some works in this series include:

mylar, felt, paint, contact paper
inches: 8"(length) x 9"(width)
cm: 20.3(length) x 22.9(width)

Migratory Basement
wood, felt, paint, grommets
inches: 4.5'(length) x 3.5'(width) x 1'(height)
cm: 137.2(length) x 106.7(width) x 30.48(height)

wood, fabric
inches: 8'(length) x 4'(width) x 10"(height)
cm: 243.8(length) x 121.9(width) x 25.4(height)

wood, wood veneer, felt
inches: 57"(length) x 45"(width) x 5.5"(height)
cm: 144.8(length) x 114.3(width) x 15.2(height)