What is the space in between, the interstitial space? How can we inhabit these spaces, how can we hold them, grasp them, acknowledge their existence?

I see this body of work, called PASSAGE, sort of like ad-hock studies or scale models to impossible enormous architectures; domestic-sized sculptures that have a primary scale relationship with the hand but that reference expansive, almost mythic proportions. Their broken, tattered, jutting, folding, overlapping angles are a fragmented piecing together in an effort to propose something real and sustainable, out of scraps or shards, remnants from previous pursuits of building. They rest somewhere between vessels and vehicles, failed and glorious utopias.

These sculptures explore the intimate scale of an unfolding, vast landscape. How human intervention stands between two natures (the nature of our surroundings and the nature of our intuition), and how grand ideals and possibilities of resurrecting this “space between” are really hidden in our own hands. By collapsing interior landscapes and expanding them into body-scaled architectures, I seek to make tangible a sense of physical and psychological engagement with unnameable, unaccounted for, immeasurable absence.