Fawn Krieger
Ruin Value
November 14th through December 19th, 2010
Opening Reception: November 14th 4-6pm

348 South 4th Street, Brooklyn
open Saturday and Sunday 12:00 - 5:00

SOLOWAY is pleased to present Ruin Value, an exhibition of new works by Fawn Krieger, organized by Annette Wehrhahn. A set of sculptures that are structural and fleshy, model and made, coming together, and coming undone. Fawn describes her project at Soloway this way....
For the past 5 or 6 years I've been working primarily with American architectural imagery and themes, often looking at how bodies construct, inhabit, and navigate through spaces. The work came out of my thinking about how we inherit and inhabit the histories and structures presented to us. One of the first impulses with my current body of work involved making parts that could become whole. This series began with a curiosity around merging architecture and the body, a move into seeing form as something that flips between subject and object.

In conjunction with the exhibition FORTH ESTATE has produced a limited edition silkscreen print of Fawn's drawing Architectural Organs. An inventory of all the sculptures made for the exhibition. These are also available at the Edition/Artists' Book Fair opening Thursday, November 4th 6-9. http://www.eabfair.com/ Here's how Fawn describes her drawings....
The drawings are like models of the sculptures, which themselves are sort of models. So they are models of models. And like all models of models, they affirm the physical existence of the primary model.

Accompanying exhibition catalogue available (FREE!)

  sculptures sold by weight; $40/lb; cash & carry.
  This photo: we are weighing the first sale.