Single channel HD digital video
23min, 57sec

Mood boards are typically defined as bulletin boards that designers use to focus on an aesthetic and feeling for their apparel or jewelry lines, implemented with photographs and material swatches.  My Moodboards spin off from this in a video format, allowing for a transformational arc and accumulated associations that occur over time, movement, touch, sound, memory, and layers. The sequence is taped in one sustained shot in which I continually layered images, materials, objects, audio, and actions to form a gigantic time-based sandwich. I overlayed the video on top of video I shot in 2012 of megalithic architectures in Germany, built around 5,000 years ago. Moodboards anticipates my line of experimental apparel and accessories, OUTFIT.
  The Willows, NY  
  Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT  
  Dowd Gallery, SUNY Cortland, NY  

West Den Haag, Netherlands