Analogous Logic
Curated by Summer Guthery and Lumi Tan
June 23rd - July 29th 2007

Opening June 23rd 8-11pm
Performances by Matt Freedman and Tim Spelios 9:30pm / Nic Xedro and Jeremy Eilers 10:30pm
bbq served

Brooklyn Fire Proof: Temporary Storage
119 Ingraham St. Brooklyn (Bushwick), NY 11237-1405, US
L to Morgan. Exit front of train to Harrison Place. Left on Knickerbocker. Right on Ingraham.
Gallery Hours - Saturday-Sunday 12-6pm

Tauba Auerbach  -  Ronnie Bass and Jeremy Eilers  -  Colby Bird  -  Rutherford Chang  -  Brian Clifton    Joy Drury Cox  -  Xylor Jane  -  Fawn Krieger  -  Zach Layton  -  Jeffrey Lopez  -  John J. O'Connor    Douglas Paulson  -  Sean Raspet  -  Roy Stanfield  

This show revolves around a group of artists who obscure logic and reinvent traditional systems to create new ways of distilling information to their viewers. Taking the most complex route to acheive the utmost clarity, these artists represent a growing restlessness with the automated information that one processes in their everyday.

Rather than create alternate realities, these artists work firmly within the world that surrounds us, using familiar visual culture and shared knowledge to introduce distinctive and individualized rereadings of sources and references that usually go unchallenged.

Newspapers, maps, the written language, advertising, and the constructed, physical space we inhabit are all means of popular communication; these artists take these conventions and introduce the viewer to a slightly shifted reality where everything makes just as much sense as before- but how we got there remains definitively unknown.