Fifth Dimension
Single channel HD digital video
6min, 34sec, looped
a collaboration: video by Fawn Krieger / audio by Joe DeNardo


Fifth Dimension looks for hidden dimensions, and asks what happens between objects and space (perceptual and dimensional).  This work emerged from a desire to visualize, comprehend, and create "immaterial" matter that reveals the 5th dimension. By using temporal-based mediums like video and audio (4th dimension), physical-based components like sculpture and bodies (3rd dimension), and imagistic elements like flat drawing and projection (2nd dimension), Fifth Dimension seeks to reveal and expose hidden space through the fabric of its own materialization. Through this search, the piece serves as a record of things becoming matter-less, and then flipping back again from perception to physicality. How do we see the unseeable? The video parallels an audio track composed by Joe DeNardo consisting of synchronized, experimental spatial sounds.


The Willows, NY