// (Caesura)          

My series // (Caesura), begun in 2021, expands upon my prior ceramic series, Experiments in Resistance. The work is a haptic search to excavate and construct sentences beyond language, to cull forms and logic from my body and to record them through actions of touch, pressure, and imprint.  My work is informed by material traditions and vocabularies that span the Cold War to the Cave, and invoke themes of  primal memory, movement practices, exuberant play, and radical embodiment.

In this body of work, I’m focusing on borderless territories, bound only to themselves, which seek unity, fusion, entanglement, and interdependence.  The concrete, which, in my previous series, served as a petrifying moat, has become a mortar, facilitating attachment, convergence, and cooperative expansion.  I hand-build and slip-cast stoneware and porcelain forms, and treat them with glazes and underglazes before firing them in a kiln. These glazing treatments often carry patterns that are situated somewhere between visual or textural symbols and space-mapping, and serve to establish “families” or systems of relation and belonging and dislocation.  Once fired, I bind these clay forms together with concrete (sometimes pigmented), creating a fractured and interconnected logic of natural grids forged within the contours and voids.

  Above is a sampling of work from this series, spanning 2021-2022